Church Leadership & Support Team                                              

This is the leadership and its team that God has placed over Citadel of Hope Mission for its edification,  guidance and support.

Pastor Wade and Lady Artheria Barnett


Pastor Rev. Wade M. Barnett

Lady Artheria Barnett

973-672-8150 ext. 3

Minister Mother Florence Mitchell, Pulpit Associate

Minister Leroy Stubbs

Minister Lamaine Washington

​Minister Lavinia A. West, Pulpit Associate

Minister Sheila White, Pulpit Associate

Prophetess Donna Blackwell, Pulpit Associate

Minister Janet Greene, Pulpit Associate

Evangelist Mary Brinkley

Evangelist Truda Johnson        

Evangelist LaRonda Moorefield

Evangelist Lenore Pedicini

Evangelist Marsha Williams

Missionary Gina Martelly

Deaconess Rita Faison

Deaconess Mother Helen Sparrow (honorary)

Deacon Solomon Palmer

Deacon Rasool Johnson (honorary)

Dircector of Music, Minister William J. Barnett, III

Drummer, Minister Lamaine Washington