Synopsis of Event Presenters for the 2017 CWTT  Health & Wellness fellowship

Keynote Speaker

Dr. David Wendel, D.C., A.C.N., C.C.F.W.N.

Dr. Wendel has been practicing Chiropractic for over 25 years.  He did his undergraduate work at Drew University graduating in 1987, with a BA in Economics and Zoology.  He continued his education at National College of Chiropractic, obtaining his BS in Human Biology in 1989, and his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1991.  Since that time Dr. Wendel has taken post-graduate hours in Clinical Neurology (308 hours), Applied Clinical Nutrition (194 hours) earning his ACN certificate in 2011, and Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition (100 hours) earning his CCWFN in 2014. 


Dr. Wendel got involved with whole food nutrition in 2003, when his youngest son at that time was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and was told that nothing would help his son except Ritalin.  Dr. Wendel was able to use whole food nutrition supplementation and Chiropractic to save his son from the horrors of psychotropic drugs.  Dr. Wendel has helped thousands of people to regain their health and sense of well-being using his natural eastern-style approach to health care.  Dr. Wendel currently practices in Jamesburg, NJ, but has patients scattered throughout not only the United States, but also the world.  The key to his success is his staff at his clinic because of their willingness to learn and take health very seriously.  They want you to become part of their “family.”  If you are ready to unlock your full potential and live your life to the fullest, they are ready to help you!

C.W.T.T Event Coaches



Marsha L. Williams

Marsha is a woman of many talents, who wears many hats. She extended her education through continued Ed. courses at Brookdale Community College, DeVry University, Rutgers University, LaNier Vocal Direct LLC and AT&T classes on the job.


Marsha received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at Citadel of Hope Mission on November 2, 1977. That following January of 1978, she became empowered with God's Holy Spirit. She has served in many areas of ministry within the body of Christ at Citadel of Hope Mission. She has been a Choir Director, Praise and Worship leader, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Soloist and a supporter of others and their ministries as well. She is a member of the Vessels of Praise (a gospel group) and the CFMC [Community Fellowship Mass Choir]. Marsha is currently Citadel of Hope Mission's  Media Director and a licensed Evangelist who has ministered through music and the spoken Word at home here and throughout Jamaica. She is dedicated to spreading God's Word as she lives a healthy and balanced life. She understands that  being at your highest level of wellness, impacts your effectiveness as a vessel of God.  


Over the years, Marsha had struggled through a number of diets. Her goal was to control weight gain and maintain overall health. She has been interested in the nutrition aspect of health and wellness since 2011, when she became an Independent Representative and Distributor for LifeVantage Corp., the makers of Protandim, the whole food supplement that started her on her road to recovery. Through her study and application of Nutrigenomics, Marsha has gained a success story that she will share during the Breakout Session on the Body, of how she has been able to achieve and maintain that goal. You will also have opportunity to sample some recipes that are not only healthy for you, but delicious.



LaRonda R. Moorefield, LSW

LaRonda is committed to effectively supporting the needs of individuals, groups, families, and special needs populations by employing a strengths based perspective in her social work practice.  LaRonda has been a Licensed Social Worker in the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 2013. She is actively working toward her Clinical Social Work License. She is a proud alum of Marywood University where she completed her Masters in Social Work and Behavioral Health Specialization in 2013. In 2010, she obtained her undergraduate degree from East Stroudsburg University in Sociology. In 2016, LaRonda became a licensed Evangelist  at Citadel of Hope Mission.  She is a member of the Vessels of Praise (a gospel group) . She is dedicated to honoring God through the life she lives and to be a blessing to the Body of Christ.  She has a heart for helping people, and maintaining a personal relationship with the Lord is vital to her. She understands the necessity of having a life that lines up with the will of God and one that reflects the attributes of Christ in her everyday living. 


LaRonda has been employed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an Early Reach Coordinator since May 2014. In this role, she is charged with providing outreach, education and consultation services to transition youth between the ages of 14-21 with disabilities to help prepare them for working with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in order to enter into competitive, integrated employment. In August 2015, LaRonda joined Molina Pathways Community Services, Inc. where she works as a Behavioral Specialist Consultant/ Mobile Therapist to provide Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services to children and adolescents who are diagnosed with cognitive or mental health diagnoses. Prior to her employment with the Commonwealth, LaRonda worked as a Caseworker 2 for Monroe County Children & Youth Services. During her time there she worked with children and their families to address concerns pertaining to child safety, permanency, and well-being through case management, advocacy, referral to services, education, and counseling. While pursuing her degrees and establishing her career, she joggled a variety of responsibilities that warranted a number of stress management strategies to ensure self-care, which she will share during the Breakout Session on the Mind. 



Truda Johnson, BA

Truda received Christ into her life on June 11, 1998. She became a member of Citadel of Hope Mission Church of East Orange NJ., where she received her teaching and training.  In 2004 Truda was called and ordained as an Evangelist at Citadel of Hope Mission. As she continued to seek the Lord in prayer, God enabled her to attend Screven Memorial Bible Institute. Truda received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Theology June 11, 2011. God has blessed her to relate knowledge to life and minister the way to eternal salvation to all. Truda is now pursuing her Master's degree. She actively visits hospitals, nursing homes and works diligently in the ministry through proclaiming God's Word.


Truda also has an Associate in Science in Early Childhood, and Bachelor in Arts in Elementary. She is currently an elementary teacher. She has been teaching for well over 30 years in the city of Elizabeth NJ. She is a “role model” for her students and her goal is to inspire all students to learn. Truda is one of the overseers of the Foundation Ministry Class for new member applicants at Citadel of Hope Mission. She dedicates her time and energy to teach the core beliefs there. Truda's focus is to teach a solid foundation of biblical truths to enhance and build up the body of Christ.  She will share some ways in which to build up your inner man during the Breakout Session on the Spirit.