Overseer Rev. William J. Barnett, loving known as Pastor Bill, received Christ into his life at the early age of seventeen years old.  He became one of the first Junior Pastors at Deliverance Center under Apostle Arturo Skinner at the age of twenty-two years old.  Part of his responsibility was to open services and assist at the altar. 

He received his training and teaching through DBI (Deliverance Bible Institute).  He was faithful in conducting street meetings and soul winning campaigns.  His first missionary endeavors were done with his mother, the late Mother Rev. Geraldine Powell founder of Citadel of Hope Mission.  He ministered in several hospitals, conducted door to door ministering in the Metropolitan area and held services in various nursing homes. One of his greatest passions today is writing poetry to encourage and uplift the body of Christ.

Pastor Bill not only has done a work here in the U.S, but has ministered in Trinidad on several occasions where souls were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost during those visits. 

Some of the churches that Pastor Bill helped to establish and work with are Apostle Arturo Skinner (Founder of Deliverance Center, Newark, N.J.), Rev. Charles Waller of Newark, N.J., Bishop Scotland Bailey (Universal Full Gospel Church of God, Jersey City, N.J.), and Citadel of Hope Mission where he presently serves as Overseer.  

Pastor Bill served in the U.S. Army and while on leave met his beautiful wife, First Lady Evan. Muriel C. Barnett who stood with him for over fifty plus years worshiping and serving the Lord before going home to be with the Lord. He is the father of five children and a number of god children. 

Pastor Bill began working with the youth in the sixties and has been a blessing to many down through the years.  One of the most memorable projects done at Citadel of Hope Mission with the youth was a play called “The Rapture”.  The essence of the play was to show how people of every walk of life received or rejected the call of salvation.  This play offered a visual to which people could relate.  The play was successful in leading many souls to Christ in the Metropolitan areas of New Jersey and New York. 

In 1982, a Christian school [named Citadel of Hope Academy ] was formed in Citadel of Hope Mission by the late Mother Rev. Geraldine Powell. Pastor Bill was appointed as its School Superintendent / Vice President.  He served in that position until the school’s closing in 1996.  

Pastor Bill has experienced health problems and trauma in his lifetime.  He gives God the praise and glory for the healing and miracles in his life.  He exhibits love and concern for all with whom he comes into contact with; and encourages everybody to use their gifts and talents for the glory of God as they win souls. 

Overseer Rev. William J. Barnett’s personal vision is to establish a religious retreat in which to win souls for Christ, and to allow God’s people to have a place to refresh their souls, minds and bodies.

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